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Yngwie Malmsteen - World on Fire

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN surprises us singing in its new album “World On Fire”

The extraordinary swedish guitarist surprises us with a new production titled WORLD ON FIRE. Noteworthy, a few months ago told us the following : “I will not record more albums, but if there was no market .” We appreciate that…Read more


Dragonforce announces greatest hits album

Dragonforce announces the release of its new greatest hits album “Killer Elite – The Hits, The Highs, The Vids” on July 22th , the 22 songs will be: 1. “Through the Fire and Flames” 2. “Holding On” 3. “Heroes of…Read more


¡¡¡ Great news … Fairyland is back !!!

The french symphonic power metal band Fairyland, led by musician Philippe Giordana, produces again a new song after a break of almost 7 years. We hope to hear more music from this great band!  


TRICK OR TREAT new production (original band of Luca Turilli ‘s Rhapsody vocalist – Alessandro Conti)

Originally formed in 2002 as a tribute band Helloween, TRICK OR TREAT (original band of Luca Turilli ‘s Rhapsody vocalist – Alessandro Conti), will lauched their second conceptual album titled Rabbits ‘ Hill Pt. 2 on July 8th. In this…Read more

Gamma Ray 19.-20.11.2009

Kai Hansen to release first solo album ‘XXX’

The iconic guitar player and Singer, considered as the godfather of power metal, Kai Hansen has announced the release of its first solo project “XXX” at August, it will have the subtitle “Three Decades in Metal” as a reference for…Read more

Gama Bomb

Irish THRASH METAL attack in Lima

Gama Bomb will come to Peru !!!! The irish band will visit us on the 16th of the next month and will perform their greatest hits at the Yield Bar If you have not heard them yet, then we leave…Read more


¿Folk cover of AC/DC?

Watch covers of Hard Rock bands is quite common, but … Did you ever thought watch a folk cover of AC/DC? See below…  

Chuck Billy

AWESOME!!! CHUCK BILLY sings ACE OF SPADES in a rockabilly version

Chuck Billy, TESTAMENT vocalist , sang one of the jewels of MOTÖRHEAD in a rockabilly version with the participation of the OUTLAW CASH PROPHETS . You can see below…  


Changes in Eluveitie’s lineup

A couple of days ago, the Sweden folk metal band Eluveitie announced some changes in its lineup. Merlin Sutter (battery), Anna Murphy (vocals, hurdy-gurdy and flute) and Ivo Henzi (guitar) are leaving the band. According to an official statement, Merlin…Read more

DESTRUCTION - Under Attack

New DESTRUCTION videoclip, Under Attack

The great Thrash Metal band, Destruction, has just released its new videoclip.