Parabellum, the new VADER song !!!

Vader, presents his new single called “Parabellum”. The song belongs to his next album called “The Empire”, which will be released on November 4 via Nuclear Blast. The album will feature the following songs: 01. Angels Of Steel 02. Tempest…Read more


The DJENT masters bring us “Clockworks”, their new single

The Djent masters, Meshuggah, surprise us with a new single from called “Clockworks”. This belongs to his new album called “The Violent Sleep of Reason” which was recently released under the Nuclear Blast label. If you do not listen it…Read more


Did you wonder what happened to former members of Eluveitie?

CELLAR DARLING is the band formed by three former members of Eluveitie: Anna Murphy (vocals, hurdy-gurdy), Merlin Sutter (drums) and Ivo Henzi (guitar and bass). Recently, the uploaded two new singles of what would be their future production: “Challenge” and…Read more


The Brain Dance, the new ANIMALS AS LEADERS’ single

“The Brain Dance” is the new single from the north american progressive metal band ANIMALS AS LEADERS. This song is an excerpt of what will be his fourth album called “The Madness of Many” which goes on sale on 11…Read more


TWILIGHT FORCE, power metal from Sweden

TWILIGHT FORCE is a swedish power metal band founded in 2011. They released their first album called “Tales of Ancient Prophecies” in 2014 and now, two years later, they surprises us with a new production under the label NUCLEAR BLAST….Read more


METALLICA’s new album is a reality !!!

Some months ago everybody is talking about the new album by METALLICA. Now, a few hours ago they presented his new single called “Hardwired “as a taste of their new album called “Hardwired … To Self -Destruct “, will be…Read more


Joey Jordison forms new group, but still thinks rejoin with Slipknot

The great drummer Joey Jordison, hand by hand with Fred Leclercq ( DragonForce ) on guitar, form a new supergroup called SINSAENUM . The band is complete by members of Mayhem and Sunn O))) , ex – Chimaira and Seth….Read more


¡¡¡ Great news … Fairyland is back !!!

The french symphonic power metal band Fairyland, led by musician Philippe Giordana, produces again a new song after a break of almost 7 years. We hope to hear more music from this great band!  


TRICK OR TREAT new production (original band of Luca Turilli ‘s Rhapsody vocalist – Alessandro Conti)

Originally formed in 2002 as a tribute band Helloween, TRICK OR TREAT (original band of Luca Turilli ‘s Rhapsody vocalist – Alessandro Conti), will lauched their second conceptual album titled Rabbits ‘ Hill Pt. 2 on July 8th. In this…Read more


Interview to Atrocity: “Some people just don’t get the original idea of Metal: Break down the boundaries!”

First of all, we want to say that it is a real honor to have the opportunity of interviewing one of the bands that were true pioneers of Technical Death Metal. We are looking forward to the amazing show you’ll…Read more