TRICK OR TREAT new production (original band of Luca Turilli ‘s Rhapsody vocalist – Alessandro Conti)

Originally formed in 2002 as a tribute band Helloween, TRICK OR TREAT (original band of Luca Turilli ‘s Rhapsody vocalist – Alessandro Conti), will lauched their second conceptual album titled Rabbits ‘ Hill Pt. 2 on July 8th. In this…Read more

Club de Nightwish

Interview to the Nightwish Fans Club Peru

We interviewed the Peruvian Nightwish Fan Club in which they showed us how much they want this band back in Peru. (Spanish Audio)  


Interview to Atrocity: “Some people just don’t get the original idea of Metal: Break down the boundaries!”

First of all, we want to say that it is a real honor to have the opportunity of interviewing one of the bands that were true pioneers of Technical Death Metal. We are looking forward to the amazing show you’ll…Read more

Watch our interview to the promising Hard Rock band from Finland, Shiraz Lane

And now, we present to you an interview we did to the Finnish Hard Rock band, Shiraz Lane. They are a band that is doing very well the last few years. They won a Hard Rock Cafe contest in Finland…Read more

entrevista a sonata arctica metal topics

We present to you our interview to Sonata Arctica!

First of all, we want to say that it is a real pleasure to have the opportunity of doing this interview to one of our favorite Metal bands. We really think you have made great albums which are Power Metal…Read more

Entrevista Agria Groove Hardcore Metal

Interview to the Groove/Hardcore Metal band, Agria

The new interview in which our new host, Andrea, talks to the great Groove/Hardcore Metal band, Agria is out! You can’t miss it! (Spanish Audio Only)  

Contracara Heavy Metal

Interview to one of the best Peruvian Heavy Metal bands, Contracara

We present to you our interview to the Peruvian Heavy Metal band, Contracara. They announce us some news about their upcoming album and shows.  

Foto Portada Ancestral Dawn

Interview to the great Peruvian Power Metal Band, Ancestral Dawn

Watch our interview in which the members of Ancestral Dawn tell us everything about the Metal Opera they are about to release next year. Find out more about the guests in the record, sound, influences, and other details below!! Also,…Read more

Favio Arana The Fallen Symmetry

Watch our interview in which Favio Arana, the guitar player of The Fallen Symmetry, tells us everything about his solo album

In this interview, Favio Arana tells us all the details of his new solo album which will be released early 2015. Watch this amusing conversation we had with him below. In the end, you’ll see a part that will surprise…Read more

Armagedon Peru Heavy Metal

Watch our interview to the emblematic Peruvian Heavy Metal band, Armagedon (Only Spanish Audio)

We had the pleasure of interviewing Armagedon, one of the most important Peruvian Heavy Metal bands who told us they were recording a new album! Watch below all the details of this great announcement and other news the band gave…Read more