Maze Of Terror Thrash Metal

Interview to the brutal Peruvian Thrash Metal band, Maze Of Terror

Watch the interview we did to Maze Of Terror, a brutal and promising Peruvian Thrash Metal band, in whiich they talk with us about stuff like the release of their next album that will surely be amazing.  

Charlie Parra del Riego

Interview to the great Peruvian guitar player, Charlie Parra

Watch the amusing interview we had with the renowned Peruvian guitar player, Charlie Parra, in which he talks about upcoming amazing news. Can you imagine what could they be? We assure you that you’ll be really surprised!  

The Fallen Symmetry Metal

Interview to the Peruvian Metal band, The Fallen Symmetry

Below you’ll find our interview to the very good metal band, The Fallen Symmetry, where we talk about their sound, videos, and future projects, such as the release of their next album. We have heard some songs of this next…Read more

Nathalie Markoch

Interview to the promising Peruvian metal band, Nathalie Markoch

Check out our interview with Nathalie Markoch and her band where we get interesting facts from their 1st album “Influences & Connections Vol.1″ which surely you didn’t know! In addition, they give us some comments on the musical changes that…Read more

Blizzard Hunter Heavy/Speed Metal

Interview to the great Peruvian Heavy/Speed Metal band, Blizzard Hunter

Sebastian (vocals) and Lucho (guitars) of Blizzard Hunter, talk about what’s coming up for the band, the release of their debut album, and upcoming concerts, as well as the bands that influenced them to get their particular sound and many…Read more

Grupo Solidarium

Interview to Solidarium Group

Watch below the interview to Solidarium Group, Peruvian metalheads who perform social activities nonprofit.

cobra heavy metal

Interview to the Peruvian Heavy Metal band, Cobra

Watch below the interview to the Heavy Metal band, Cobra in which they talk to us about their music, bands that inspired their sound, and big news such as their participation in a metal festival at Germany!  

Cocaine Cowboys Hard Rock

Interview to the awesome Hard Rock band, Cocaine Cowboys

The Hard Rock band, Cocaine Cowboys, announces us the release of their new record, new videos, which bands inspired them in their sound, and where we can contact them. 100% recommended for all Rock lovers!  

Portada Ni Voz Ni Voto

Watch our interview to the well known Peruvian band, Ni Voz Ni Voto

Watch our interview to the well known Peruvian Rock/Metal band, Ni Voz Ni Voto in which they announce us the release of their new record and give us other great news! Watch the video HERE (Only Spanish)  

Paul Pinto Quarter Note - Foto Video

1st coverage to the Peruvian music studio, Quarter Note

Watch our 1st report to the amazing music studio Quarter Note of musical producer and drummer of Peruvian Thrash Metal band Necropsya, Paul Pinto. In this video, he gives us a tour where he shows us the facilities of the…Read more