Gama Bomb

Irish THRASH METAL attack in Lima

Gama Bomb will come to Peru !!!! The irish band will visit us on the 16th of the next month and will perform their greatest hits at the Yield Bar If you have not heard them yet, then we leave…Read more


¿Folk cover of AC/DC?

Watch covers of Hard Rock bands is quite common, but … Did you ever thought watch a folk cover of AC/DC? See below…  

Chuck Billy

AWESOME!!! CHUCK BILLY sings ACE OF SPADES in a rockabilly version

Chuck Billy, TESTAMENT vocalist , sang one of the jewels of MOTÖRHEAD in a rockabilly version with the participation of the OUTLAW CASH PROPHETS . You can see below…  


Changes in Eluveitie’s lineup

A couple of days ago, the Sweden folk metal band Eluveitie announced some changes in its lineup. Merlin Sutter (battery), Anna Murphy (vocals, hurdy-gurdy and flute) and Ivo Henzi (guitar) are leaving the band. According to an official statement, Merlin…Read more

DESTRUCTION - Under Attack

New DESTRUCTION videoclip, Under Attack

The great Thrash Metal band, Destruction, has just released its new videoclip.  


Great song of the Peruvian Death / Doom Metal band, Psicorragia

The song is called “Los Custodios” and belongs to their latest album “Madremuerte”.  

LACUNA COIL - The House Of Shame

Amazing new Lacuna Coil single!

The single is “The House Of Shame” and belongs to the upcoming Lacuna Coil album, “Delirium”, which will be out in May 27th.  

Dimmu Borgir - Forces Of The Northern Night

This is a show thar every metalhead should watch

Amazing show of the Norwegian Black Metal band, Dimmu Borgir. A spectacular show with first class production that was transmitted in national TV!  

Behemoth - Ben Sahar

The new Behemoth videoclip will blow your brains out!

The song is called Ben Sahar and belongs to the band’s last album, “The Satanist”.  

Guns N Roses Returns

Haven’t seen it yet? What are you waiting for! Watch these live videos of the return of Guns n Roses

The intimate show was given by the band in April 1st at Troubadour nightclub in West Hollywood, California. Enjoy!!