Dream Theater The Gift of music

Have you watched the new Dream Theater video? Don’t wait any longer!

The song is called “The Gift Of Music” and belongs to the last double album “The Astonishing” of this iconic Prog Metal band. “The Astonishing” tracklist is: Act I 01. Descent Of The NOMACS 02. Dystopian Overture 03. The Gift…Read more


“Horns”, new Children Of Bodom lyric video

The song belongs to their last album, “I Worship Chaos”  


“Gravity”, new Fleshgod Apocalypse lyric video

The song belongs to the Italians last album, “King”.  

Primal Fear - Angels of Mercy

PREMIERE. New Primal Fear video

The song is called “Angels of Mercy” and belongs to the new Primal Fear album, Rulebreaker. We have to admit that we like this song!  

Avantasia Ghostlights

Spectacular new Avantasia song!

The song is called “Ghostlights” as the new Avantasia album. In the song you will hear the voices of Michael Kiske, Jorn Lande, and of course, Tobias Sammet.  

Arch Enemy War Eternal Tour

New Arch Enemy live DVD/Bluray!!

The DVD / Bluray, “War Eternal Tour: Tokyo Sacrifice”, is out in Japan. We hope soon it gets to other countries.  


Finally! The new Rhapsody Of Fire song COMPLETE

The song from the Power Metal band is called “Distant Sky” and belongs to its new album, “Into The Legend”, which will be on sale in January 15th.  

The Fallen Symmetry - Fields of the Fallen

Killer song of The Fallen Symmetry ft. Zak Stevens (Savatage) and Jesus Parra

The Peruvian band that combines elements of Heavy Metal, Prog Metal and Power Metal has released its song in which appears Zak Stevens from Savatage and the virtuoso guitar player, Jesus Parra. Recommended!  

INTRONAUT - Fast Worms

Do you like Prog Metal? Then, listen to Intronaut

The song is called “Fast Worms” from their 2015 album “The Direction Of Last Things”. Maybe, at the beginning of the song you won’t find it special, that’s why you have to listen to it entirely!  

Metal Kitchen

Metal Kitchen, new metal viral

You won’t believe how this girl teaches you how to cook!