New single of the classic Heavy Metal band, Metal Church

The song is called “No Tomorrow” and belongs to the band’s last record “XI”. The album will be out in march 2016 and features the return of their former vocalist Mike Howe!  


Snippet of the new Rhapsody Of Fire song sounds promising!

The song from the Power Metal band is called “Distant Sky” and belongs to its new album, “Into The Legend”, which will be on sale in January 15th.  

Anthrax - Breathing Lightning

Listen to the new Anthrax song, “Breathing Lightning”

The song belongs to their last album “For All Kings”. The song premiered on BBC Radio 1 “Rock Show” and you can listen to it around 5:30.  

Lima Metal Fest DVD trailer

The Lima Metal Fest DVD is coming soon! Watch the trailer now!

Watch the trailer of the 1st Mega Festival of Metal made in Peru filmed in 2015. Soon we’ll release the official DVD made by our team!  

AVANTASIA - Ghostlights Teaser

New Avantasia album trailer with 5 new songs!

Listen to the trailer of the new Avantasia album, Ghostlights. You’ll see which musicians will participate in this Metal Opera and you’ll hear snippets of 5 new songs!  

LOST SOCIETY - I Am The Antidote

Lost Society fan? Here’s its new videoclip

The song is called “I Am The Antidote” and belongs to their last album “Braindead”.  

Opera Magna - Para siempre

Do you like Power Metal? Then listen to this new single of Opera Magna

The song is called “Para Siempre” and belongs to the new album of this great band, “Del amor y otros demonios – Acto 2″.  


Rhapsody Of Fire has released its new single “Shining Star”!

The single belongs to the new album “Into The Legend”, which will be out early 2016.  

motorhead When The Sky Comes Looking For You

Incredible new Motörhead videoclip!

The single is called “When The Sky Comes Looking For You” and belongs to the last Motörhead production, Bad Magic, which came out in August 2015.  

Killswitch Engage - Strength Of The Mind

The new stuff from Killswitch Engage, “Strength Of The Mind”

The single belongs to their new album that will be released in 2016.