Interview to the peruvian progressive metal band Nova Genesis

Hi headbangers, today we are here with the peruvian progressive metal band Nova Genesis. If you don’t know this guys yet, they got 2 members from the peruvian power metal band Ancestral Dawn, Devadip (drums) and Tony (keyboard). They will…Read more


Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell dies at 52

Chris Cornell, frontman from Soundgarden, Audioslave and Temple of the Dog was found dead yesterday night. Cornell hanged himself in his room at MGM Grand Casino in Detroit, dying at the age of 52. Even though all the fame he…Read more


7 years ago Ronnie James Dio passed away

7 years ago the great metal legend Ronnie James Dio passed away and even though there were lots of memorable moments throughout his career, we wanted to share one of the latest tributes made during Wacken 2016 as he was…Read more


Review “Corazón de Metal” (“Metal Heart”)

On Saturday, April 7, “CORAZÓN DE METAL” concert was held, an unprecedented event where the best of the Peruvian metal scene was present and METAL TOPICS could not stop being there. We all united for a single cause, supporting the…Read more



It really does took us a while to write this review, we are back after a long trip from Europe just after the Wacken Open Air 2016, so let’s get started with our impressions from this year’s edition. Complete sold…Read more


Brian Johnson (ex-AC / DC) could return to the stage soon

A few days ago we had the sad news. The former bassist of AC/DC Cliff Williams, leaves behind 39-year of musical career. But all is not sadness, stronger rumors of Brian Johnson triumphant return are increasing. He has been working…Read more

NIGHTWISH - Shudder Before The Beautiful (Live Wembley Arena)

Do you like Nightwish? Then, you have to watch part of their new LIVE DVD

Awesome live interpretation of their song “Shudder Before The Beautiful” at Wembley Arena. The DVD is “Vehicle Of Spirit” and will be on sale soon!  


Parabellum, the new VADER song !!!

Vader, presents his new single called “Parabellum”. The song belongs to his next album called “The Empire”, which will be released on November 4 via Nuclear Blast. The album will feature the following songs: 01. Angels Of Steel 02. Tempest…Read more


The DJENT masters bring us “Clockworks”, their new single

The Djent masters, Meshuggah, surprise us with a new single from called “Clockworks”. This belongs to his new album called “The Violent Sleep of Reason” which was recently released under the Nuclear Blast label. If you do not listen it…Read more

Mike Portnoy Pokemon Drum Kit

Mike Portnoy plays Metal songs on a Pokemon drum kit

Watch this fun video with Mike Portnoy, ex Dream Theater and current The Winery Dogs drummer. Let’s see if you can recognize some songs!