Lima Metal Fest DVD trailer

The Lima Metal Fest DVD is coming soon! Watch the trailer now!

Watch the trailer of the 1st Mega Festival of Metal made in Peru filmed in 2015. Soon we’ll release the official DVD made by our team!  

Opera Magna - Para siempre

Do you like Power Metal? Then listen to this new single of Opera Magna

The song is called “Para Siempre” and belongs to the new album of this great band, “Del amor y otros demonios – Acto 2″.  

motorhead When The Sky Comes Looking For You

Incredible new Motörhead videoclip!

The single is called “When The Sky Comes Looking For You” and belongs to the last Motörhead production, Bad Magic, which came out in August 2015.  

Denner Shermann - SATAN'S TOMB

New single of Mercyful Fate’s legendary guitarists

Michael Denner and Hank Shermann, the original guitar players of Mercyful Fate have released the EP, “Satan’s Tomb” of this new band simply called DENNER/SHERMANN. Listen below to the single that carries the same name.  

15-Year Old Japanese Girl At Drums

This 15 year old girl will blow your brains out!

Her name is Senri Kawaguchi and you won’t believe how well she plays the drums.  

Witchery Peru

Witchery, a promising Peruvian Thrash Metal band

Let us put it this way, do you like Thrash Metal? Then you have to listen to the new EP of this Peruvian band.  


New Megadeth single, “The Threat Is Real”!

The new single belongs to Megadeth’s upcoming album, Dystopia.  

The Fallen Symmetry - El Último Despertar

Recommended! Listen to the new single of The Fallen Symmetry

The very solid Peruvian Metal band, The Fallen Symmetry, has just released their new single, “El último Despertar”, which will be part of their 2nd album, Renacer en la Tormenta. The single combines different styles of Metal such as Heavy…Read more

Europe Live At Wacken

Europe releases preview of live DVD at Wacken!

The great Hard Rock band, Europe, will release a new album with a live DVD/Blu-ray at the biggest Metal festival in the world, Wacken Open Air. Its new record will be called “War Of Kings” and will be out in…Read more

Lisa X Dream Theater

AMAZING, this 10 year old girl surprises us again by playing a Dream Theater song

This Japanesse 10 year old girl, Li-sa-X, plays the Dream Theater song, “Lost Not Forgotten”, in an unreal way and with a capability hard to imagine. How can this kid be so talented?