Interview to the peruvian progressive metal band Nova Genesis


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Hi headbangers, today we are here with the peruvian progressive metal band Nova Genesis. If you don’t know this guys yet, they got 2 members from the peruvian power metal band Ancestral Dawn, Devadip (drums) and Tony (keyboard). They will be opening for Dark Tranquility this September 4th here in Lima. So here is the interview we had with Arianne, the bass guitar player and one of the band’s founders.


1. How does Nova Genesis start?

Well, I’ve always wanted to have my own band but it wasn’t until 2015 that I’ve met Nicolas, a friend with who we named the band and started it. I had 3 songs back from 2014 so we did some recording at his house, he added the guitars and orchestration. Unfortunately, Nicolas couldn’t stay with the band due to lack of time, so I continued with the band by myself and I met the current band members along the way.

2. What are your musical influences?

In the beginning it was mostly Symphony X and Dimmu Borgir and in the bass guitar parts many technical death metal bands, but not as much as the previous ones. Nowadays we listen to all different types of music but we always keep that dark aura and technique from the band for new songs.

3. Musically speaking, have you guys thought about adding some peruvian influence in your sound?

Not at this moment but we would love to add some wind instruments like quenas or andean harps alongside the symphonic orchestra.

4. The fact that your lyrics were written in English is because you guys were trying to get into the international scene from the beginning?

Since the band started we had the goal of taking our music outside because most part of the market is out there. Even though here in Peru metal music is not really commercial, that won’t stop us.

5. Lyrics or music first?

Ok, for me the song’s base comes from the bass guitar and then comes the rest. Lyrics can go at the end or along the way, it depends. For our second album everything will be compose in piano, there are already 3 songs that are about to come and we hope that the people will like this different style too. But as I mentioned earlier, we will always keep that dark and technique style.


6. What song do you like to play the most?

Hahaha personally for me is “Succubo” because of the reaction of the people that listen to it. But the other band members have different favorites, for example Devadip likes “Inner Fear” because of the final drums solo at the end of the song.


7. Tell us more about your upcoming album: “The Beauty of Darkness”

The album will have 8 songs, including orchestral themes only, which are inspired in terror movies, creating this crossover that directors make when they mix beauty and terror at the same time. This also shows why we love metal, dark and bizarre arts that attract us so much.
The release date will be announced in 2 or 3 months and it will be announced with an international record label. Meanwhile we hope to upload the album to digital music platforms like Bandcamp and Spotify.

8. Tell us more about the upcoming show with Dark Tranquility.

We were really happy when we received the news! And we will keep giving our best when we play live lml

9. So finally, any final message for the all the followers and fans reading us right now?

Thanks guys for the interview and everybody don’t forget to download or buy “The Beauty of Darkness”

Here’s the live videos from “Succubo” and “Belphegor”: