Interview to Atrocity: “Some people just don’t get the original idea of Metal: Break down the boundaries!”


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First of all, we want to say that it is a real honor to have the opportunity of interviewing one of the bands that were true pioneers of Technical Death Metal. We are looking forward to the amazing show you’ll give this May 19th in Lima, Peru!
Now, let’s begin with the interview:

Alex: The honor is on my side! Thanx for having us, and thanx for inviting us to Peru!

Tosso: Thank you for the support and interview!

1. You were one of the pioneers of Death Metal in Europe when you began playing, and then, you explored other Metal subgenres. Not many bands have done it and we congratulate you for that! So, what could you say are the main influences in the sound of Atrocity? We guess it’s pretty wide!

Alex: We formed Atrocity already in 1985 and became the forerunners of the German Death Metal scene, as you already said. I remember dirty rehearsal rooms, shitty equipment, fantastic shows in small rotten clubs haha. Well, it’s all down to musical and artistic freedom, or very simple, we love to make our music without limitations. To fulfill our visions within the metal genre isn’t always easy because some people just don’t get the original idea of Metal: Break down the boundaries! We like to face new challenges and go new ways in metal. As pioneers within the metal scene it’s not always easy but for us as artists for the metal genre in general it’s essential to dare stuff like we did in our musical career to develop and keep the creative spirit alive! We’ve always been looking for new challenges and ideas. Well, besides all experimental stuff we never gave up our heavy side – and most important of all – we never denied it!

Tosso: Creativity is our inspiration and that has never been a problem in Atrocity. There is always something going on at our own Mastersound Studio, where we also produce other bands, too. I would say that Alex is one of the most creative and hard-working persons in this universe. If he has got an idea, he just won’t go to bed that night and just work as long as it takes, until it is finished! Apart from that the two of us are ultimate perfectionists – we have always been a killer team together throughout all these years. Just do the music you love – and that’s what we always did! All these different facettes and evolvements of our band have never been planned or decided rationally. They happened because of our love and passion for music and the will to push the boundaries… to move in exciting and new musical territories. We always took a high risk with these musical adventures and made it difficult for the press to categorize the band. But its not our intention to be categorized…we wanna play the music that we feel, instead if bringing the same kind of albums on the market over and over again.

2. Your last album, Okkult, sounds great and has a lot of elements that reminds us of your 1st two albums which are Death Metal masterpieces! This is the first album of a trilogy. Will the sound of the next two albums go on the same path?

Alex: Definitely! We will continue with OKKULT part II after our Latinamerican tour. I can assure you that of course there will be some surprises, too. There are more weird and obscure stories to tell! First we will finish touring with the “Okkult” album and we will grab the energy of the live shows and the audiences before we produce the second part. We have already recorded some very cool song ideas for the other parts of OKKULT. We love the combination of epic dark music and brutality! And indeed musically, “Okkult” contains many elements from our musical past, especially the very heavy stuff from our 1990′s album releases but also “Atlantis”. Back in the day we already loved to work with classical and dark elements like on “Todessehnsucht” our 2nd album. So “Okkult” combines our roots with new musical ideas, and this is simply a new era for Atrocity after such a long history of challenging metal music!

3. What can you tell us about the concept of this trilogy?

Alex: The idea to start the “Okkult” trilogy came up after the release of the “Atlantis” record (2004). The research of the “Atlantis” secrets were very inspiring, so the next step was to make an epic trilogy about the mysteries of the world. An even bigger challenge and concept, this is why we decided to make an album trilogy. The lyrics relate to occult magic, mysterious places, conspiracy theories and mysteries that are still unsolved. Actually it’s great to take the listener and ourselves on a heavy trip through the dark and mysterious tales, happenings and places of all times. And there is another very interesting aspect connected to the whole topic: Forever, religion and politics have controled and manipulated people by their own primal fears… and darkness is mankind’s fear ever since… In this fast and furious times of internet and modern technology it seems there is no more space for things like magic, hidden old wisdom or even paranormal science. Our senses are overloaded by so many new things in daily life but at the same time we loose our connection to our natural surroundings. Too much stress in daily life takes you away from the most simple ways of thinking and feeling. If we continue like this, we probably end up loosing even our natural feelings and become machines. But today’s modern societies believe they know everything although we only use a small part of our brain. But why are still there the same questions? Who are we, is there a god, who made god, where does the universe start and where does it end? These are things we just don’t know and we can’t answer them. Religion pretends to know the answers. But there are things happening on this planet, in this universe, we just can’t explain as human beings.

4. Latin American fans are very passionate about Metal music. Have you considered making a live DVD in Latin America?

Alex: If we are able to gather good and enough footage from the tour that would be a killer idea! We will def. include footage for our up coming visual projects!

5. Which is the song or the songs that you enjoy the most playing live?

Alex: We play different live sets according to show concept and musical background we want to present on a tour, festival or single gig. In our current live show we have included more songs from “Okkult”, of course, next to our classics. Anyway, in general I would like to mention “Blut” because it has put a mark on me, personally and artistically. “Blut” reminds me of our video shoot on the Corvin Castle in Transylvania. We did some research for the location for the video shoot and arrived there one night after driving the whole way by car during extreme Romanian winter landscapes on terrible road conditions. Instantly there was an eerie atmosphere in the castle and we had the feeling of not being alone. I don’t need to say more, it still gives me the creeps. Moreover, the video shoot months later was very strange, too, to say it straight. It is said every room has its own history with its own soul. Some things cannot always be explained scientifically. I am a so called atheist and still believe that there is definitely more things to this world we can’t easily detect with our senses completely. Atrocity is a band who stand for revelation of mysteries, surprises, extremes and contrasts. You might actually get blown away, hehe.

6. Finally, what setlist can Peruvian fans expect for this May 19th? Is it possible for you to tell us some of the songs you’ll be playing that day?

Tosso: Like Alex mentioned before, we will play a setlist with songs of OKKULT and Atrocity classics! We are looking forward to play in Peru for the first time! We are very excited to meet our fans in Peru!! The countdown has begun, in a few days we will take off from European ground.

7. Finally, could you please send a message to all Peruvian fans who are reading this interview and who will be attending to the show?
Tosso: Greetings to all readers of, a big thank you to our supporters and fan clubs who work hard to promote and help us!

Alex: Thanks to all our Latinamerican fans coming to our shows and listening to our music! See you in a few days! Peru – are you ready to ROCK?!! DEATH BY METAL!

Many greets

Thank you very much for this interview and we wish you the best of luck for the rest of the tour!

Best regards,
The Team