Review “Corazón de Metal” (“Metal Heart”)


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CORAZON DE METALOn Saturday, April 7, “CORAZÓN DE METAL” concert was held, an unprecedented event where the best of the Peruvian metal scene was present and METAL TOPICS could not stop being there. We all united for a single cause, supporting the victims who left the natural disaster in Peru in recent months. This concert, which took place at the Festiva Convention Center, took its audience of 15 more hours of uninterrupted music where the entrance was only donations for the victims. We thank all the participants, participants and organizers for supporting this noble cause since “the Festival” was full and which demonstrated the resounding success. With more than 40 bands on stage we had a fairly varied repertoire of metal where there were dyes of Heavy, Hard Rock, Groove, Power, Nu, Doom, among others. Unfortunately, this large number of groups limited their presentations to a time of 20 minutes. This left us with a bitter taste after each hit, as people wanted more … C.C. Festiva counted on 2 scenarios: one external in the esplanade and another in the interior hall. The stage of the esplanade was the main one and where the main band could show their music before the eager fanatics of metal.

Here we leave some postcards of what this party was for the benefit of the most needy: We only have to say: HEAVY METAL HEART !!!