Interview to the peruvian progressive metal band Nova Genesis

Hi headbangers, today we are here with the peruvian progressive metal band Nova Genesis. If you don’t know this guys yet, they got 2 members from the peruvian power metal band Ancestral Dawn, Devadip (drums) and Tony (keyboard). They will…Read more


Great song of the Peruvian Death / Doom Metal band, Psicorragia

The song is called “Los Custodios” and belongs to their latest album “Madremuerte”.  

Behemoth - Ben Sahar

The new Behemoth videoclip will blow your brains out!

The song is called Ben Sahar and belongs to the band’s last album, “The Satanist”.  

The Black Dahlia Murder Threat Level No. 3

The new The Black Dahlia Murder song is brutal!!

The song is “Threat Level No. 3″ and belongs to their last album “Abysmal”.  


“Horns”, new Children Of Bodom lyric video

The song belongs to their last album, “I Worship Chaos”  


“Gravity”, new Fleshgod Apocalypse lyric video

The song belongs to the Italians last album, “King”.  

Arch Enemy War Eternal Tour

New Arch Enemy live DVD/Bluray!!

The DVD / Bluray, “War Eternal Tour: Tokyo Sacrifice”, is out in Japan. We hope soon it gets to other countries.  

Witchery Peru

Witchery, a promising Peruvian Thrash Metal band

Let us put it this way, do you like Thrash Metal? Then you have to listen to the new EP of this Peruvian band.  

Belphegor totenkult-exegesis-of-deterioration

Wanted something brutal? Check out the new video of Belphegor

The song is called “Totenkult – Exegesis Of Deterioration” and belongs to its last album from 2014, “Conjuring The Dead”.  

The Black Dahlia Murder Receipt

“Receipt”, the new single of The Black Dahlia Murder

The song belongs to their new album, “Abysmal”, which is already on sale.