The Brain Dance, the new ANIMALS AS LEADERS’ single



“The Brain Dance” is the new single from the north american progressive metal band ANIMALS AS LEADERS. This song is an excerpt of what will be his fourth album called “The Madness of Many” which goes on sale on 11 September.

The album will include the following songs:

01. Arithmophobia
02. ectogenesis
03. Cognitive Contortions
04. Inner Assassins
05. Private Visions Of The World
06. Backpfeifengesicht
07. Transcentience
08. The Glass Bridge
09. The Brain Dance
10. Aepirophobia

Guitarist, Tosin Abasi, says that this album is a total synergy between the three members; while drummer, Matt Garstka, said that it have been the largest collaborative effort for the band and an evolution in each of the members on their way musical.

If you want to hear something different, we leave you with this single that fuses classical guitar and the characteristic sound of AS LEADERS ANIMALS. ENJOY IT !!!